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Stunning scenery, magnificent forests, and well maintained roads greeted us on a side trip during our recent visit to Seattle, Washington. We drove through portions of the Mt. Baker National Forest.  There were very few people in the area as we toured in the middle of the week.

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Well we now have begun to claim a certain level of comfort with our Starcraft AR-ONE RV trailer. After a few trips out the set-up is beginning to become familiar. I have become somewhat proficient in the unhitching of the trailer from the TV (tow vehicle, remember?). DW is great at the initial set-up of the interior of the rig once I have it stabilized and level.

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Our Garrett GTP 1350 complete with headphones was in the vehicle along with the digging trowel and an old sheath knife. The early evening weather was nearly perfect for metal detecting and treasure hunting.  Off we went to the site of an old country church.

I had been thinking of this site as a potential for metal detecting for some time. I remembered when the church, a small yet stoic brick structure stood by the highway, with its cemetery on the same lot. All that is left of the church now are the outlines of the rectangular shaped foundation and the old concrete steps that once led to the front door.

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When we purchased our Starcraft AR-ONE travel trailer from a Camping World dealer, we received a complimentary one year membership to the Good Sam Club. I knew little about this organization, but soon discovered that membership does have its privileges!

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Sandusky, Ohio proudly displays a series of six feet tall lighthouses throughout the town and surrounding areas. Each lighthouse is painted in a different theme by different artists. Known as “A Light in the Harbor 2011” this collection is delightful to view.

On our trip to Lake Erie and Sandusky we began to see these colorful lighthouses on what seemed to be every corner as we approached downtown Sandusky. Several were located within a block of each other near the court house.

Read about this unique public art display and art auction here.

Put In Bay, Ohio is on an island in Lake Erie. A popular recreational destination, it is the site of the National Park Service Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial. It honors those who fought in the Battle of Lake Erie in the War of 1812. In addition, it celebrates the long peace between Canada, Great Britain and the United States.

The Memorial tower is one of the largest in the country. The Visitor’s Center is a museum in and of itself. Read a complete article about the site and travel information here.

We thoroughly enjoyed the ferry ride from Port Clinton to Put-In-Bay on South Bass Island. We left our vehicle and RV parked and walked onto the ferry. Several vehicles and lots of people with bicycles and pedestrians rode the ferry.

Miller Boat Line Ferry boat to the island

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Recently we took our RV travel trailer on a trip to Sandusky, Ohio and Lake Erie. One gem of a tourist attraction in Sandusky is the Merry-Go-Round Museum, located in the center of town. Housed in a beautiful old Post Office building, the museum provides a delightful journey back to the years 1870 to 1930 when carousels were in their heyday at amusement parks around the world.

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Where to go this time was our discussion.  Sick of the 90 degree plus temperatures we decided to go north in the quest for cooler weather. Lake Erie sounded interesting, had a decent weather forecast, and we could drop off our granddaughter at her house in Ohio on the way.

Our son went with us on this trip, giving him a chance for a last adventure with Mom and Dad before he heads back to his senior year at college. Having him along was a treat for us, and he was able to help not only with the driving but also the set-up when we arrived at the campground.

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With our first night (read about that below) in our new RV trailer under our belt, we went on down the road to find another RV campground and do a little sightseeing. I had checked online and found a couple of places at the same exit on I-70 near the Indiana-Ohio border. So we drove into the Deer Ridge Camping Resort, a Good Sam Club campground.

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